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Retail Gold Brokers, Inc. provides a unique service experience which enables our clients to add gold and silver buying to their existing business through seamless integration and ease. We provide all the steps for our clients to be successful and provide the potential for astronomical revenue streams without changing their existing business model.


License assistance

Most states require a 2nd hand dealers license in precious metals. Each State law can vary and may require hold periods on gold or silver purchased as well as bonds or other requirements. We make the process much easier by providing the client with the necessary license information to apply for their license. The client is ultimately responsible for applying for their license and following all state, county and city regulations. Some states have no license requirements or many have minimal requirements.



We provide full and complete training via live webinar. We make it simple! All you require is a computer, internet connection and a phone. Our Director of Training will personally train your staff in real time and cover all requirements including how to:


  • Test gold and silver
  • Price gold and slver
  • Security and safety
  • Marketing concepts
  • Use of web site and software
  • Licensing issues
  • Shipping procedures



We provide the resources for your company to purchase the necessary equipment.
We provide the:

  • Starter pocket scale
  • Acids
  • Magnet
  • Stone
  • Starting signage

Certified scales as well as additional marketing materials may also be purchased at any time by visiting our Store Page.


Shipping and Insurance:

  • Call us and give us your weight of shipment
  • We will send you a call tag via e mail or fax
  • Place the call tag on the box
  • UPS/FedEx will pick up next day and ship to us within 2 business days
  • No need to even leave your location!


On Going Support and Guidance:

We don’t set you up and then leave you on your own. We offer continuing support! Have a question about a particular piece or coin? Just call us! During business hours we will be able to tell you what the coin should weigh, and even its potential worth which may be greater than actual melt. Want to discuss new marketing concepts or any other question? Call us! We will be there for you!

Web Based Software Solutions:
We provide a fully functional web based gold solution that will allow you to:

  • Store customers and history
  • Print out receipts
  • Provide mailing lists
  • Price gold
  • Keep track of hold release dates in states that require hold times.


All this power for free to our clients!


Federal Requirements:

Federal Law requires that any purchaser of Scrap Metal other than A pawn Shop in a pawn transaction and in amounts of over $50,000 per year Must comply with Title 31 of the U.S. Patriot Act. As the company’s President is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) he will be able to provide to those clients exceeding those thresholds, a complete and comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering Program at no additional charge. This easy to follow manual will ensure complete federal compliance requirements are met. If you don’t purchase over $50,000, there is no need to meet federal compliance requirements unless purchase of $10,000 or more are made from a single individual or suspicious activity occurs.


Our Fees:

Don't be fooled by having to partner up with some company in order to be able to provide gold and silver buying services! We charge small commissions and allow our client to keep as much in their pocket as possible. There are no hidden agenda’s or fees with us. Everything is spelled out within our simple to read agreement that is provided.

When it comes to the purchase of gold and silver in your business, Make us your “GOLD STANDARD”

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"Getting involved with Retail Gold Brokers was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. I did not know anything about gold buying business and could not have imagined the wonders it did to our bottom line."


Robert Crocco
Northern Cash Advance, Canada



"Gold Buying has been one of the best “add on” business we have incorporated into our Cash Advance stores. The most amazing part is how easy it is to process each customer is when they get paid. The support we have received from RGB is outstanding and I recommend them to anyone looking for additional cash flow sources for their business"


Jim C

HomeTown, Ohio